The Most Basic Question To Any Relationship Is Why You?


The Best References Come From People You Trust

The vast majority of CRT clients (over 90%) are referred from other CRT clients. It may seem odd, but we have no salespeople or marketing department. This is not to say these things are not valuable. Our reputation is public and well known. Please ask around about us. If you are reading this; it is probably likely someone suggested you consider us as your technology services company. We are old fashioned enough to believe in handshakes and brave enough to bank our entire business on client satisfaction with our services or products.

We Communicate Clearly

Most people know someone that would be classified as the complete computer geek. Often times, this person is not able to relate or communicate to a management team, an owner or a “non-technology person”. Our staff is able to summarize technical topics in a clear concise manner. Even our technical notes have clear summaries. We are comfortable with many industry specific terms (i.e. from manufacturing, non-profit organizations, small to medium business , health care) and compliance requirements. Our staff speaks plainly.

Our Staff, Our Pay Plans And Ethics

A common practice (for many or our competitors or peers) is to pay technical staff based on billing hours. In short, the more they bill you, the more money the engineer takes. We find this business model to be ethically challenging and choose to pay our technical staff based on other factors like education levels, longevity and other incentives that reward jobs well done. CRT engineers are paid to do a good job and treat you well.

Industry Relationship Disclosures

Of course we have many industry technical certifications. These education tiers are based on tests or training by industry leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Google, etc. It is important to know that we are fiercely independent and will not sign contracts that demand our company recommend only certain brands of products. This fact allows us to be candid about products and services available on the market. We are also a long time member of Venture Tech Network (VTN). VTN allows us to have access to C level people of major technology companies; for resources and information that can help your company.

We Are Ready & Prepared

We have plans that suit almost any lifestyle or workstyle. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Of course we sleep, but we realize that you rely on technology at every hour of every day. We have plans where you pay as you go or choose a flat fee with guarantee response times. Call on CRT for consulting services, installation, emergency services , or any technology purchases. It is very easy to get started, just call us at 269-963-3785

This Shouldn’t Be Needed

I know of no company that is perfect all the time. We all stumble occasionally. As you consider CRT, please ask around about how we handled a situation when we stumbled. We are consistently quick to admit a misstep and equally quick to correct that mistake. As our President often says when these situations arise , “ If this happened to your Mother, how would you like to see it handled?… and whatever you are thinking now, this is exactly how it should be handled”